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Zyurangers - Dino Buckler 

Power Rangers - It's Morphin Time!

Original Red Ranger (Jason Lee Scott) - Austin St. John

Jason was the Leader of the Power Rangers in 1993

Episode Debut - Day of the Dumpster (MMPRS1, Ep0/Ep1)

Morphing Call - It's Morphin Time - Tyrannosaurus

Season 1 Weapons - Power Sword  

Season 1 Weapons - Power Blaster

Season 1 Weapons - Thunder Slinger

Season 1 Weapons - Dragon Dagger

2nd Red Ranger   (Rocky DeSantos)

Rocky was the 2nd Red Ranger in Season 2 of MMPR 

Morphing Calls - It's Morphin Time - Tyrannosaurus/Red Ranger Power

Weapons - Power Sword and Power Blaster

Original Pink Ranger (Kimberly Ann Hart)

Kimberly was the Happiest Person on the Team before she Hand her Powers to Katherine

It's Morphin Time! - Pteradacyl/Pink Ranger Power

2nd Pink Ranger (Katherine Hillard)

Katherine was Chosen by Kimberly to take on the role as the New Pink Ranger in Season 3

It's Morphin Time! - Pink Ranger Power

Dino Bucklers 

Power Morphers and Power Crystals

Episode Debut - Day of the Dumpster (MMPRS1, EP0/EP1)

Episode Debut - A Pressing Engagement (MMPRS1, EP4)

Morphing Call - It's Morphin' Time!

(Dragonzord, Mastodon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, SabertoothTiger and Tyrannosaurus)


The Mutant Rangers

Red Ranger and Green Ranger

Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan) VS Tiger Ranger (Daim Knight Boi) 

The Sixth Ranger (Zyuranger) Yamato Tribe Knight Burai 

Burai was the Evil 6th Ranger of Zyuranger, But then he Die in the hands of his Brother Geki

The Sixth Ranger (MMPRS1) Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver was the new kid at Angel Grovel High, Then he became the evil Green Ranger of the Villain named Rita Repulsa 

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